Frequently Asked Questions

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What is CoinChili?

CoinChili is a limitless, non-custodial exchange aggregator that does not require registration. CoinChili allows you to swap a variety of crypto pairs through our partner APIs.

What about my data?

CoinChili respects your privacy and grant you the freedom to delete your entire swap history(ID, amount, date, IP log,) after the exchange is done. Moreover we don't use GA or any other tracking method to analyze your behavior.

Why should I trust you?

That's the best part: you don't have to. CoinChili only helps you to find the best rates within the market. The rest of the work is done by our Partners. However, it is important to trust the chosen exchange. That's why we constantly monitor their services and provide you with information about each partner's measurement of service quality, such as market data (to find the best price), trust score (to let you know what others think about that service), and KYC level (reviewing their ToS to protect user privacy).

All good... but what is your fee policy/how much it cost to use CoinChili?

0% That's right: zero! Nada. You heard it correctly. We do not charge fees from our users, so you see the exact same prices on CoinChili as you would if you visited all the partner sites one by one. Profit generation can only happen through Partners after volume, but on your side it will be zero forever.

How it works

Coinchili helps you to find the best prices across a dozen of exchanges. You can choose which one is the best for your needs.

You can find more information about the swap experience here:

How it works